Together we can keep the faith alive

Activity Report, 2023

Where your help went


In 2023 ACN supported 5,573 projects in 138 countries where the Church suffers persecution, oppression, or pvoerty. We advocated for the needs of disadvantaged and persecuted Christians worldwide by providing information, propagating the faith and advocacy.

Only with your generosity could ACN support:

      • 969 construction projects;
      • 1,041 means of pastoral transport;
      • 10,.991 seminarians;
      • 930 projects for religious sisters;
      • 1.74 million Mass Offerings to support poor priests.

The transmission of God's grace to His people is the very heart of the work that you support. We may not know how many souls were saved by the spiritual and material offerings we have made. Rest assured though we will know in the next life, and it may very well be these offerings we are making today, that are paving our way into eternity tomorrow. 

You can read more about what we achieved in 2023 thanks to you - our benefactors.

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