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Little Drops of Water

Little Drops of Water™ began in the mind of a little girl named Anna in 2014. Naturally inquisitive, she asked her parents many questions about the Catholic faith and wanted to understand each saint and their story. Anna’s parents wanted a way to help make the faith educational and engaging. With her father’s help the first saint drawings were brought to life and the Little Drops of Water™ figurines were born.

The Little Drops of Water™ range brings Jesus, Mary, Saints and Angels into the hearts and hands of children from an early age building a real connection with the heroes of Christianity. There are also sacramental figurines, magnets, charms and rosaries. Today Little Drops of Water™ has over 1000 figurines in its portfolio and is growing. That Catholic Shop is proud to be stockists of this family owned brand.

Little Drops of Water

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